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Our Mission

This mission of pharmacy practice at Wishard Health Services is to help WHS health care providers make the best use of medications and to provide the optimal and most cost-effective pharmaceutical care to WHS patients.

Our Vision

The Pharmacy Department at Wishard Health Services will be recognized as an extraordinary pharmacy department in which the staff are passionately dedicated to bringing comprehensive, high quality pharmaceutical care to those in the communities we serve. The department will work to advance research and provide exemplary pharmacy education.

Our Goals


bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Assure proper staffing/achieve a safe and pleasant work environment
bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Increase recruitment and retention efforts
bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Create streamlined, efficient processes using automation/information resources to maximize use of professional staff
bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) control costs/enhance revenue reimbursement
bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Evaluations done in a timely manner
bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Assure proper training

Pharmacy Education

bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Board Certified Pharmacist in each area
bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Present one (1) poster/platform presentation per year at one major pharmacy meeting
bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Continue providing Continuing Education opportunities


bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Prepare and maintain department to meet JCAHO, ISBOH and Pharmacy Board standards
bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Evaluate processes, initiate performance improvement efforts where necessary and re-evaluate

Pharmacy Relations                                                                           

bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Value our customers' concerns above our own
bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Increase accessibility of pharmacists to our patients


bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Develop a process for better continuum of care between inpatient and outpatient
bd15058_.gif (199 bytes) Increase preventative pharmaceutical care efforts

Contact Information   


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